An economy can has a lot of sectors: agriculture, industry, services, etc. I mean, the agriculture economy, the industry economy, the services economy. If a country bases its growth in one sector for example the agriculture sector, the country has an agriculture-based economy.


The knowledge-based economy (kbe) is an economy based on the knowledge sector (design, arts, research, software, etc). A kbe is focused on the economy growth of a region. A knowledge-based development (kbd) integrates the kbe but also the knowledge-based society (kbs) integrated by knowledge citizens. A knowledge worker is a hight qualified worker for example a PhD researcher. A knowledge citizen is a person that knows the consequences of his/her acts, and how they affect the environment, the society and the economy no matter the grade of study of that person.


The kbe goal is to create economic value, the kbd goal is to cread quality of life. The knowledge-based strategies are focused on increase the value of the eight capitals of a city (identity, intelligence, relational, financial, human individual, human collective, instrumental tangible and instrumental intangible), each capital can be exchange by others of others cities so the money is a part of the total value of the city but not the only kind of capital.


At this moment the ICT4Dev is a key element to develop knowledge cities because the ICT are excellent tools to create, represent, storage and transfer knowledge assets between citizens and cities.


If anybody is interested about this themes I will be happy to know about.


Octavio Gonzalez

Master in Management of ICT

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Comment by OCTAVIO GONZALEZ on October 26, 2011 at 1:03pm
Well actually I will use the ICT to develop knowledge citizens' competences. Three friends and I did a taxonomy of knowledge citizens' competences and right now I am developing the software that will works by web. This software will be used at the schools of the city by children from 7 to 14 years old. That is the first step. The second step is to promote the evaluation of six capitals (identity, intelligence, relational, financial, human and instrumental) at the SMEs of the city also by web, that application is working at the web at this moment. The application for SMEs is based on my thesis, this work is focused on the 23 biggest opportunities of the Mexican (and I think latinamerican) SMEs to implement knowledge management. I want to promote the telecenters but even more the wi-fi technology in order to promote the Internet in all the houses of the city. And another things different of ICT implementations. What do you thing, any suggestions will be helpful
Comment by Mariana SM on October 22, 2011 at 2:23am

Hi Octavio! Thanks for sharing! This plan is really interesting and I am sure we can all contribute with this and by sharing things about these subjects too. ICT4Dev is a huge field with very interesting perspectives and data. What are you thinking of doing to reach these goals?


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