Our era is marked by a new revolution dubbed ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). Indeed, these new technologies tend to provide visibility to our daily activities as well as our habits to communicate, share, study, learn, etc.

The introduction and use of ICT in the process of democratization is seen as a means to improve governance. As part of the participatory budgeting process, ICTs increase citizen participation in the development of local development policies, facilitate the proper functioning of institutions and foster better interaction between people, development partners and the civil society within the framework of local governance.

ICTs offer efficiency and transparency and offer great opportunities for facilitated discussion, participation and public engagement, particularly youth, in the management and planning of local development projects.

ICT is a source of progress in:

• The public participation of citizens in local sustainable development programs which requires a greater participation in the democratic debate, and it allows citizens to connect with each other and their local representatives;
• ICT creates a more purposeful and participatory space for all segments of the population where through an SMS, a click of button, an email you are capable to actively participate in the development of your community;
• Civic Engagement: experience shows that participation through ICT can lead to forms of engagement ranging from individual actions to the structuring of collective action.
It is worth acknowledging that e-participation is a strong signal, coherent and effective enough to create a safe environment, and capable of increasing information sharing on the management of local affairs. In a nutshell this tool will enhance information sharing in time and space, in an understandable and fair manner to everyone.

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Comment by Paul Manang on June 28, 2012 at 8:35pm

TIC/BP pour améliorer la gouvernance locale.

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