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Mobile Survey Empowers Citizens to Assess Justice Services in Niger

On the street of Niger a local store owner sends an SMS message containing the single word “JUSTICE” to the short code 311. Immediately he receives a series of messages asking him questions about the Niger Ministry of Justice’s hotline called Ligne Verte, or the Green Line, that was first launched in 2011.This simple and elegant ICT solution allowed over 65 thousand Nigeriens to participate in improving the delivery…


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CFR: "Watch for More Participatory Governance in 2013"

Five Development Innovations to Watch in 2013


by Isobel Coleman

December 19, 2012


Although this year had welcome news about poverty rates falling across the globe, almost…


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2012 Africities Summit Supports Scaling Africa-wide ICT-enabled Citizen Engagement

Last Saturday, December 8, the 2012 Africities Summit ended in Dakar, Senegal, marked by the Final Declaration that stated:


"[The] contribution of local communities is essential for building Africa... The summit showed the ability to [mobilze] local officials inaugurating exchanges between African mayors and all regions…


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Report on #ICT4HR : Information and Communication Technologies for Human Rights

The linkage between information and communication technologies (ICT) and human rights is a subject that has not received a lot of attention until recently. A new report, …


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Using ICT for the Urban Poor in the City of God, Rio de Janeiro

"Sense of security is the feeling that the residents of the City of God. In a Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) research project [applied in this well-known favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil], 59.2% of the respondents said that the community was safer with the arrival of the State Government Police Pacification Unit (UPP) in February 2009.10.9% also felt…


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12 Tips on Using ICTs for Social Monitoring and Accountability

New technologies are opening up all kinds of possibilities for improving monitoring and evaluation. From on-going feedback and crowd-sourced input to more structured digital data collection, to access to large data sets and improved data visualization, the field is changing quickly.

On August 7, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Community Systems…


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Youth Innovate the Fight Against Corruption

December 3, 2012―Jiwo Damar Anarkie from Indonesia is a young co-founder of the Future Leaders for Anti-Corruption (FLAC) a local NGO, and he uses storytelling and hand puppets to teach integrity to elementary school…


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Gaza Crisis Response via Mobile Enhance Relief Efforts

Souktel’s ‘AidLink’ mobile platform has been used in crisis responses from Somalia to Iraq, but recent events in Gaza are a stark reminder that the technology was developed in a place which, itself, is often in crisis. When conflict escalated this month, Souktel moved quickly to deliver mobile services that helped communities in its own region, especially when traditional forms of communication--such as landlines, Internet and even radio or TV signals--were disrupted.

One of…

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Africa: Winners of $1m in Grants Focus on Citizen Engagement, Investigative Tools and Whistleblower Security

28 NOVEMBER 2012


Reposted from:

Twenty digital journalism projects have earned $1 million in funding and technical support as part of the African News Innovation Challenge (ANIC).

ANIC is the largest fund for digital…


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MAYINTIC in DR Congo inspired local and Fracophone citizens on ICT-enabled beneficiary feedback on public services

ICT4Gov-ODTA is advancing its technology-enabled projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC): Participatory Budgeting and MAYINTIC, which aims to strengthen governance in the area of distribution of drinking water by establishing an ongoing dialogue between REGIDESO (Public Water Supply Society) and the civil society (users). This dialogue allows REGIDESO to solve problems faced by the population enabled to…


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Réunion avec le comité de pilotage et le Bceco pour planifier la cérémonie de lancement du projet NTIC et budget participatif

Avec les membres du Bceco, Ministère du plan et la Société civile nous avons passé en revue 

- les questions budgétaire 

- le plan de passation des marchés

- le contrat avec les compagnies de télécommunications 

Pour finir nous avons convenu de réaliser la cérémonie de lancement des activités du projet IDF à la fin du mois d’août.

Ceci en fonction de l’agenda des ministres et officiels conviés à cette manifastation. …


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                                       RENCONTRE AVEC LE MINISTRE PROVINCIAL DU PLAN

                                                               Vendredi 29 juin 2012


L’équipe de WBI a rencontré vendredi 29 juin 2012, le ministre provincial du plan Robert LUZOLANU MAVEMA dans son cabinet de travail pour lui expliquer réellement et concrètement du projet renforcement des capacités de la société civile.

Comment allons-nous faire pour que ce projet…


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The Decentralization process;

Poor access to basic social services;

Implementation of National Community Development driven Program for Local Councils (PNDP);

Efforts to improve citizen participation in local public policies;

Low / No use of ICT in development activities;

Weak culture of accountability.



Improve the…


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We have realized that all that is good to be drawn as best practice experience regarding the implementation of the participatory budgeting program, can be drawn from the famous and successful "participatory budgeting program"  that took place in Porto-Alegre, Brazil a city of 1.3 million inhabitants located at the far south in the state of Rio. It all started in 1989. The aim is…


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Our era is marked by a new revolution dubbed ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). Indeed, these new technologies tend to provide visibility to our daily activities as well as our habits to communicate, share, study, learn, etc.

The introduction and use of ICT in the process of…


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Technology Drives Citizen Participation and Feedback in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Tiago Peixoto, Boris Weber


A common theme in the field of open government refers to the use of technologies as a means to foster citizen engagement. A closer examination, however, shows that most initiatives facilitated by information and communication technologies (ICT) have been characterized by low levels of citizen engagement.


In Brazil, the state of Rio Grande do Sul stands out as an exception. For…


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Worldwide Smartphone Research.

Today Google Argentina presented its findings on smartphone consumer behavior. The survey was conducted in 40 different countries but is expected to expand shortly to include information on a wider number of nations. Here is the link:…


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ICT4Gov case study contributing to the “Study on Strengthening Inclusive Stakeholder Ownership through Capacity Development”

Check out the case study on the ICT-mediated participatory budgeting project launched in 2009 in the conflict-affected province of South Kivu in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), with the support of the ICT4Gov team of the World Bank Institute (WBI).

As part of the Study on Strengthening Inclusive Stakeholder Ownership through Capacity Development undertaken by the WBI Capacity Development and Results team, the case study focuses on the following aspects of the…


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Procurement Innovation Challenge Launched: Share Your ICT-related Story

Do you or does anyone you know work in procurement and use ICT tools for procurement reforms and/or performing systems?



If so, join the…


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