The participatory budgeting where lauched in Cameroon in 2003, during the third edition of Africities Summit of local government. Two cities (Batcham and Edzendoung) where involved. In 2008, 4 local's councils in the city of Yaoundé, the Political Capital city of Cameroon, engage the process. In 2010, Douala which is the economic capital city lauched the first cycle of participatory budgeting in two local's councils. The evaluation made this year discover that 19 cities in Cameroon are using this skill to improve participation of gras roots organisations and citizens in decision making as far as public ressources are concerned.

In november 2011, we are plannig to organize a national workshop aim to reinforce and exchange experiences withing actors.

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Thank you Jules for sharing your experience!

I am looking forward to know more about it, see pictures, get to know more people involved in this initiative, the challenges you faced, anecdotes, etc. Also, feel free to use this space for talking about and organizing the national workshop, as well as adding it into the events! 

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